Midnight Run: A 40 Day Souljourn Down The Narrow Road

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May 9, 16 min read by JessaMar.

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Literature DD Roundup: April May 1, 28 min read by JessaMar. Aug 3, Congratulations to the recipients! Please keep reading and supporting each other. Remember, we are always looking for Daily Deviation Suggestions. If you've read a nice piece of literature on DA lately, we want to know about it!

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Case of Pride. Wayne Pascall. Call up and cancel your package when you get home If you have any questions or queries please comment in the box below or use the contact link at the top of this site and I will reply. Estamos disponibles para todas tus dudas y preguntas, recuerda que somos una gran familia. All Allies of the Heart.

Check out each CV's Guidelines for a better understanding of what they are looking for. Jul 4, This is a feature for those who completed 15 or more entries for the Souljournalist Challenge, a month of non-fiction writing with weekly themes. May 28, You know how an artist's most recent work is always their best? And how nothing worthwhile was created until a few years ago? Wait, that doesn't sound quite right For this feature, I've dusted off some older DA Literature.

It was fun to rediscover old favorites as well as older work by writers who I didn't discover until recently. Each of these stories and poems are at least 5 years old. Enjoy this baker's dozen of literature from yesteryear, brought to you as part of the Literature Community Block Party. May 9, What makes this extra special is it is the most unexpected of places, you weave your way through narrow streets and suddenly it appears, just like The Pantheon which is only a short walk away!

If you do visit during the evening there are lots of restaurants, shops and even a McDonalds nearby. A walk back in history — let your imagination run wild. The Roman Forum gives you a real insight in to Ancient Rome. Although much of this can be viewed for free from walking around the outskirts of the Roman Forum from the public highway I would highly recommend going in and seeing this up close and personal.

Besides entry to it is included in your tickets for the Colosseum.

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For me the Roman Forum captured the true beauty of Rome and every night I went back to see it light up at night. Top Tip — go round the back of Capitoline Hill for the best views of the Roman Forum, especially in the evening. So, it appears I have a liking for the nudist beach. Each time I do in search for the sandy shores I always end up finding the nudist area.

Midnight Road

Barcelona, was no different. To find the nudist beach you need to walk with the sea on your right, the nudist area is the third beach you come to. Getting your kit off and basking in the sunshine is very natural. Sandfly bites on your delicious, exposed, tender bits. This was my favourite part, kind of like releasing a caged animal back into the light of day. The little Too warm feeling. Burning your bits has major drawbacks such as, 1. The after sunburn peel, not attractive. In conclusion, despite all of the Bad stuff I thought it was awesome!

Take a little care with some suncream and get out there. I highly recommend getting your gear off and running around in the sand. If you adhere to all of these points for nudist beach etiquette, and you bear in mind that there a few things you need to know what not to do on a nudist beach, I am fairly certain you will have an uneventful but liberating experience. While in Gran Canaria I had to experience the nudist beach.

It is something I had always wanted to do but never had the confidence.

Nudist beach etiquette is quite simple and easy to learn; it is basically common sense. Picture one of those situations when you are in public and something really embarrassing happens and you just want to die. Now imagine that situation and being naked at the same time. Before the tips I picked up I thought I would give a brief overview of where to find the nudist beach at Maspalomas.

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To locate the Maspalomas Nudist beach follow the dunes, with your back to the lighthouse and the sea on your right. Some places are more accepting than others. Spray before you strip off otherwise these tiny creatures an get into the most tiny of places. The hotel, Hotel Dunas Mirador , was really welcoming on arrival. With a big, open, clean and airy reception and smiling staff I immediately felt at home. After the compulsory checking passports etc for Interpol watch list which was quickly dealt with I was directed to my room.

The stairs and lifts were impeccably clean and my room… Wow… Big and clean! With both bath and shower yet to find a time when the water is not hot. Inspected the room fully and no dust or hair anywhere! I am very impressed! The view from my balcony is good too… Looking around I think it is probably one of the best views of the pool area. The pool is split over two levels three if you include the raised jacuzzi tub, actually four if you include the child section as well , with a water slide connect the upper and lower level pools.

There appears to be plenty of sun lounges too! There is also a circular pool bar overlooking the area. This mornings breakfast was very nice and plenty of options! What a culture shock.

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Nothing like I was expecting. There was an open air drag concert going on and every where I looked there were drag queens and people with hardly any clothes on … In short it was pretty amazing hahahahaha! I am thinking of hiring a bike for a few days so I can cycle around and get a feeling for the layout as well. Travelling with just hand-luggage should be your goal.

Do you really need six pairs of shoes, tea bags, and an iron? Rather than taking your entire copy of the Rough Guide or Lonely Planet, just photocopy the pages you need, then discard after you have used them. Saves space and weight. No one will notice because everyone is being moved around due to the aircraft movement. It really does work! If you get the choice of plane seat, always sit far away from: babies, groups of friends who will chat, or women men tend to need the toilet less often than ladies.

Travelling all by your lonesome might seem daunting at first, I know I found it daunting the first time, but it gives you a chance to really immerse yourself in the travel experience.

They may have become the uniform of unruly ASBO-teenagers, but hooded tops make excellent travel garments. Add your earphones for extra withdrawal. Instead, use your body. A game of cards is not only useful to while away the hours during the inevitable delays, but also a great cross- cultural barrier breaker. Be wise and be wary, but try not to be paranoid. When I first travelled alone I found it difficult to relax for the first few days.

After two days I realised I was listening to media hype from home and friends who were scared of travelling on their own. Once I realised this and relaxed I had the best time of my life and was not in any danger. Got to the end of your holiday but forgotten to get gifts? No worries! To save space and reduce weight, saw your toothbrush in half.

The extra three cubic centimetres of space can be used to carry an extra sheet of paper see tip 2. If you fart during your flight, just pretend to be asleep.

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Just over two years ago I found myself in a foreign country struggling to make myself understood while asking for directions to my hotel. If, like me, you have been in a similar position you will have no doubt resorted to hand gestures. From then onwards I have always been mindful of what I do with my hand gestures when speaking abroad. So to help you understand hand gestures and not offend the locals please read below to understand what is, or is not acceptable.

Otherwise you could find yourself in trouble with the locals! It is a gesture pretty much understood across the globe. The A-Ok from insinuating that someone is a homosexual to calling them an A-Hole.

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Sometimes insulting one person is not enough, that is where The Cutis comes in. Not only does it say F-You. So tread cautiously if you start wiggling your little finger at a strange man… you are probably suggesting he has a tiny weeny tiddler!