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Open her eyes to see the needs of others around. Give her a willing heart and willing hands to meet those needs. Allow your love to overflow in her heart so that everyone she serves sees your goodness and compassion, not that of a feeble human. A virtuous woman is always learning and gaining wisdom. She uses that wisdom every day as she encounters decisions. With each decision, she considers its future impact. Not only does she make decisions, but she also dedicates herself to make sure each decision is fruitful with hard work.

Lord, allow my daughter to find joy in learning. Give her wisdom and understanding when it comes to scripture.

Principles for a praying Mom

Open her eyes to see Your plan as she prepares to make any decision you place in front of her. Give her Your vision before and after she makes those decisions. Strengthen her heart and hands for each task so that she can utilize her time and resources wisely. A virtuous woman is confident and assured. She knows her strength is in the Lord. She does not allow herself to go idle but is constantly moving and improving herself so that she stays strong for the sake of her family, friends, and those around her.

May the truths in Your scripture open her eyes that true beauty is only found in You. Show her what it means to a strong, loving, and compassionate woman. Give her consistent strength to keep loving and serving others for the sake of Your Gospel.

Virtuous Daughters! - No. 63

Continually put people in her path that point her to the truths in Your Word so that she stays confident and assured in You alone. A virtuous woman is loving and compassionate.

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She has a tender heart that sees the good in everyone and has faith in God that He will provide all she needs to help others. She is not afraid of anyone, because God is her protector and strength. She uses her wisdom to serve the multitudes. Open her eyes to see the needs of those around her.

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Give her the provisions, compassion, and strength required to serve anyone she sees in need. Increase her wisdom so she can think of creative ways to meet the needs of others so they may have an opportunity to see you and your love. A virtuous woman is creative and works hard. She is savvy with money and finds different ways to provide for her family. Lord, teach my daughter your ways. Create in her specific skills that will glorify Your name. Give her creativity to think outside of the box and confidence to do whatever You call her to do. A virtuous woman is secure in who she is in the Lord.

She is distinguished from those around her because of her love for God. Our daughters also need to be strong physically. It is interesting that the Word of God likens our daughters to pillars. We know that pillars have to be strong, strong enough to hold up and bear the weight of a building.

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Praying Proverbs 31 is about touching the hearts and lives of our daughters through praying Scripture. It is both a devotional book and a prayer guide, taking the. [READ ONLINE] Praying Proverbs prayers for a daughter's virtue by Tracy Glockle. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download.

A palace is not a small building; it is usually a very large construction and therefore needs especially strong pillars. You would think that God would have likened our sons to pillars, but no, it is our daughters.

He wants them to be trained and prepared to be strong enough to bear the weight of raising a family. This is no easy task. They have to be prepared mentally, emotionally and physically. I believe that the reason that most mothers do not enjoy motherhood today is because they came into motherhood mentally unprepared.

7 Truths and Prayers from Proverbs 31 for Your Daughter this Mother’s Day

They were trained for a career in the workforce rather than motherhood and therefore were not mentally and emotionally conditioned for it. As a young woman I read that it was important to nutritionally prepare your body three years before conceiving a baby. I thought that was good advice at the time, but now I have changed my opinion.

Her Salvation

I believe that we should start preparing our daughters for future childbearing and the physical commitment of raising a family from the moment they are born. We start by nursing them at the breast, giving them the life-giving food that God wondrously provides for them. As we introduce new foods we continue to give them life-giving whole foods so their bodies grow strong.

No serious or intelligent mother should ever allow her children to drink pop and eat the devitalized junk food that is prevalent today.

Five Prayers for Your Daughter

It paves the way for problems! One springtime, as I walked around the sheep with my father in New Zealand, he remarked, "The ewes are so healthy this year, we have no problem with lambing. We are what we eat.

Proverbs 31 Woman Prayer & Affirmation Challenge | Let Your Husband and Children Praise You!

Kathy's Scriptures. A wise woman also knows when to be silent. Women Of Prayer. Let her learn early in life that to obey You, God, is the best way to the life her heart truly desires 1 Samuel Kathy's Scriptures. Becoming a Proverbs 31 woman today means becoming a good steward of what you have.

If we raise our children on living foods, their bodies will grow strong. If they eat dead refined foods, we can expect that they may have physical problems later one during pregnancy and childbirth.

A Proverbs 31 Prayer that can change your life.

Many parents like to start a bank account for their children when they are born so they will have a substantial amount to set them up in life when they grow older. We should also start a health bank for our children. Pregnancy and childbirth can draw quite a big chunk from their health savings. If it has been continually been built up over the years with healthy life-giving foods, there will be plenty to draw on.

Prayer For My Daughter - Prayers For Your Daughter

When the health bank is low, pregnancy and childbirth can be more difficult.