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His writings range across a broad range of subjects such as how to cook brown rice, polyphasic sleep, polyamory relationships and why you should quit your job to start your own business. From the outside, he appears to be a character of integrity and honesty. However, there have been a few people who have wondered if hidden behind all of this Steve Pavlina hype, was an elaborate scam. Some have even wondered whether his movement was similar in many ways to that of a cult.

In fact, I had found his work really useful. But, that was until I came across this testimony, written by a survivor of the Steve Pavlina Cult. In it, Miss X name hidden for anonymity talks about her imprisonment and eventual escape from the Steve Pavlina cult, where she spent 12 years a slave. It is a pretty shocking account:. For 12 years, I was a victim of the Steve Pavlina cult. During that time, I was forced to carry out slave labour and was subjected to sophisticated brainwashing techniques. I was constantly malnourished and kept in a constant state of fear and fatigue.

This is the story of how I became imprisoned by the Steve Pavlina cult and my eventual escape 12 years later. I first met Steve in the early days of His website was just becoming popular and many people were drawn to travel and meet him. In person, he was perfectly charming and seemed full of wisdom and positivity. I would later discover that this was just a false front, but at the time, he seemed charismatic and I was drawn to him. It was supposed to be a place where consciously-minded people could gather and learn to develop our better-selves in a supportive and productive environment.

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Steve Pavlina: Polyphasic Sleep ( Book 4) - Kindle edition by Steve Pavlina, Rastislav Penčík. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. A popular form of polyphasic sleep, the Uberman sleep schedule, suggests that you sleep And each time you'd sleep for only minutes.

I was honoured to be asked and of course I accepted. I packed my bags and got ready to be there for several weeks. Steve asked me not to tell any friends or family members where I was going as he said, they might disturb the learning process and draw me back to my old life. I just did what he said. I was bussed there with a group of other people — men and women, young and old. The journey took several hours and we found ourselves going deeper and deeper into the desert. A few of the passenger made jokes about how we were being taken outback to the desert to be buried. We laughed then at the joke.

Finally we arrived and to say we were disappointed would be an understatement. This was the furthest thing from a learning and personal environment I could imagine. It was more like a prison. There were guards with dogs and a lookout. After we entered the campus, they immediately closed and locked the gates. Of course, a few of us protested and said we wanted to leave, but the guards deflected our complaints and told us we would be able to leave after we had some dinner.

Then after dinner, we were told we would be able to leave the next day. Then it was after breakfast and so on… Eventually we gave up on asking to leave, because we knew the answer was going to be the same. Basically, only Steve was allowed to come and go. We were shown to our bunkbeds and I was forced to sleep in a dormitory with 12 other women who like me, had been tricked into coming to learn more about personal development, but could not escape the Steve Pavlina cult. There was another dormitory for men, who were forced to build an artificial irrigation system and work the rice paddys out back so we could grow brown rice.

The Polyphasic Sleep Experiment

We resisted at the beginning, but his guards were very firm with us. You have to understand that we were stuck in the middle of the desert. We had no idea where we were. Also, the guards were mean.

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If you want in by the time you're done reading this, message me or comment below with your name so I know who you are. The recuperative value of brief and ultra-brief naps on alertness and cognitive performance. That might be another post, depending on how this goes. That all changed a few years later. Int J Neurosci. Starting on the morning of Tuesday, July 23rd, take a 20min nap every 2hrs for a total of 12 naps per day. Fill out the above form once every 24hrs whenever it's convenient until August 10th.

They had dogs and guns. Some tried to escape but any escapees were swiftly re-captured, punished and then buried in a hole out back. We were told they were being sent away to do a 30 day trial of living in a hole in the ground. It was supposed to help their personal development. I believe their bodies are still there if you look. We were force-fed a purely vegetarian diet of raw foods, salads, fruit smoothies and brown rice.

On one occasion, one of the newest members sneaked in a Big Mac, and munched away on it for a couple of weeks so he could get his meat-fix.

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The guards found it and he was harshly punished. He was buried in a big hole for his 30 day trial. I suppose his body is still there now. We were constantly woken up several times throughout the night. They told us it was a polyphasic sleep experiment and that it would make us more productive. But in truth, it was just a way to make us mentally and physically worn out with the lack of sleep. The combination of raw food and lack of sleep, made us all pasty, tired and it stripped us of our willpower.

We were unable to resist his brainwashing and eventually we soon came to worship the Steve Pavlina cult. After listening to weeks of his podcasts, we lost the will for creative thinking. We started to see Steve as our Master. Then it got worse.

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The master came in one day and said: My new thing is polyamory relationships. So from that day forward, we all had to start having polyamory relationships with the master. When we were not being forced to listen to podcasts, he had us all locked in a classroom with computers typing up blog articles or creating lists of ideas for future articles.

People wondered how Steve was able to be so prolific with his writing and was able to produce so much quality content. Well, the reason is that he had an army of slaves living and working in sweatshop-type conditions, creating it all for him. On one occasion, someone misspelled a word and published it without checking. As punishment, she was buried in a hole out back for her 30 day trial.

I think she is still there. Unfortunately, Steve was a skilled computer programmer and he set up a huge firewall to stop us from accessing the internet, so we had no idea of what was going on in the outside world. Steve never liked to discuss politics at home or in his articles, so we never knew what was going on in politics or in the mainstream media. When a new member came in and told us that America had had its first black President and that Donald Trump was running to be the next President, and had a great chance of winning, we all laughed.

But when he kept repeating it, we thought he was just making fun of us and so we pressured the guards to take him out back for his 30 day trial of living in a hole in the ground. We never saw him again. After that, the newer members learned to never mention politics again. I still have moments of guilt when I recollect that incident. One time we also had a new member join us who kept talking about someone called Kim Kardashian. I think she is still there now. If the master had come and told us that the outside world has been destroyed by a meteorite, we would all have believed him. That was how powerful the Steve Pavlina cult had gotten us brainwashed.

The worst was when he was approached by a book publishing company to write his book: Personal Development for Smart People. The Master had us all on hour-rotational shifts, writing and editing his book for him. If only the readers of that book knew about the slave-labour conditions that the book was actually written in, they would be shocked at the extent and perversity of the Steve Pavlina scam.

When we finished the book, all we got in return was a day-off and an extra portion of brown rice.

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It was ironic that the Master was writing about living courageously, following your own dreams and making your own business, whilst secretly, his empire was built on slave-labour focused around the Steve Pavlina Cult. It was all just a big scam. For several more years, I put up with life in the Steve Pavlina cult. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Steve Pavlina is widely recognized as one of the most successful personal development bloggers on the Internet, with his work attracting more than million visits to his website He has written more than articles and recorded many audio programs on a broad range of self-help topics, including productivity, relationships, and spirituality.

He's also a frequent guest on popular podcasts and radio shows. Steve's passionate pursuit of personal growth began while sitting in a jail cell. Arrested for felony grand theft at age 19 and expelled from school, the full weight of responsibility for his life came crashing down upon him. It involves a long 2 or 3 hour nap and 30 min breaks on the side. The Everyman usually cuts the sleep from the normal 8 hours into 4 hours of sleep. The Dymaxion schedule according to polyphasicsleepinfo. It when people divide their sleep by sleeping for 30 minutes and be awake for 6 hours, however some might use 5 hours and 30 minutes to make it even.