The Immutability of Doctrine

The Immutability of God
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Epifanio P. Recafia Atty. Recafia ceased to be connected with it and thus, it contends that he could not have validly received a copy of the Assailed Order in its behalf. Other than its bare assertions and a self-serving certification 21 emanating from its own human resource management department, the NHA has not shown any sufficient proof that the service of a copy of the Assailed Order to it on November 10, is invalid.

Moreover, the NHA could have easily presented Atty. Recafia, or at least a statement of his, to disown any authority to receive a copy of the Assailed Order in the former' s behalf but it failed to do so.


Succinctly put, the NHA's unsubstantiated asservations cannot prevail over the contrary statement of a postal official as embodied in the registry return receipt, considering that it is the latter's primary duty to send mail matters and thus, accorded with the presumption of regularity. Posted by Atty.

The God Who Is Not Like Us: Why We Need the Doctrine of Divine Immutability

The doctrine of divine immutability (DDI) asserts that God cannot undergo real or intrinsic change in any respect. To understand the doctrine. Immutability: A Doctrine that Has Changed Theodore Zachariades Introduction Over the last century much change has taken place in academic theology.

Manuel J. Laserna Jr.

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The tool will limit itself to copying your memory into the UnitOfWork and writing it to DB when changes are detected. How those changes happen is absolutely not the business of the ORM, and should be designed, tested and maintained within your business domain, not in the tool, to the point where the tool should be entirely unknown to your domain.

12. The Immutability of God

This can happen when refreshing memory information from DB state expected: we are resetting state , but other scenarios where this may happen are bugs: please report a bug with a test case, if you found something else that changes in-memory state in an unexpected way. Let me be more specific: refresh will change deep state of your objects, and there is nothing that can be done about it, because this is by design, and re-creating embedded instances leads to even more accidental complexity.

My suggestion is to not refresh , but rather clear and reload.

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BTW, I agree with you on immutability, I just don't think we can change Embeddable and refresh semantics. We'd probably need a separate concept, such as Value , or Atom in order to define elements that are supposed to be fully replaced: this is a good idea for ORM v3 or later.

Divine Immutability | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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Immutability (theology)

The ORM maps data from one domain yours, designed by you and the database. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account? Sign in to comment.

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Certainly the Holy Spirit has stepped in, from time to time, to prevent popes from making erroneous declarations regarding doctrine and dogma. Immutability, Time, and Freedom Suppose that God is in time, but immutable. The confession is not a mere doctrinal statement nor is it a mere historical document. By Scripture Old Testament. Paul Gavrilyuk describes it as follows:.

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