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In , he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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On June 19, , he died in Perranarworthal, Cornwall, England. He was raised in a 14th-century house next door to a graveyard. His father, Alex, worked as a schoolmaster. William received his early education at the school his father ran, Marlborough Grammar School. When William was just 12 years old, he attempted, unsuccessfully, to write a novel.

A frustrated child, he found an outlet in bullying his peers. His father hoped he would become a scientist, but William opted to study English literature instead. In , a year before he graduated, William published his first work, a book of poetry aptly entitled Poems.

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The collection was largely overlooked by critics. After college, Golding worked in settlement houses and the theater for a time. Although passionate about teaching from day one, in Golding temporarily abandoned the profession to join the Royal Navy and fight in World War II. Golding spent the better part of the next six years on a boat, except for a seven-month stint in New York, where he assisted Lord Cherwell at the Naval Research Establishment. While in the Royal Navy, Golding developed a lifelong romance with sailing and the sea.

During World War II, he fought battleships at the sinking of the Bismarck, and also fended off submarines and planes. Lieutenant Golding was even placed in command of a rocket-launching craft.

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Anyone who moved through those years without understanding that man produces evil as a bee produces honey, must have been blind or wrong in the head. In , after 21 rejections, Golding published his first and most acclaimed novel, Lord of the Flies. The novel told the gripping story of a group of adolescent boys stranded on a deserted island after a plane wreck.

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Lord of the Flies explored the savage side of human nature as the boys, let loose from the constraints of society, brutally turned against one another in the face of an imagined enemy. Since its publication, the novel has been widely regarded as a classic, worthy of in-depth analysis and discussion in classrooms around the world.

Golding's Introduction to Lord of the Flies

William Golding, the Nobel Prize-winning author of the classic "Lord of the Flies" and other disturbing novels exploring the dark side of human nature, died yesterday in his home in Perranarworthal, England. He was A heart attack was the probable cause, said Matthew Evans, chairman of Mr. Golding's publisher, Faber and Faber. He was 73 when he won the Nobel Prize for literature in , and he was knighted in Although he was primarily a novelist, his writing also included short stories, dramas, essays and poetry.

He was best known for his themes of the struggle between good and evil and for symbolism that invited interpretations on many levels. Indeed, some critics complained that he relied too heavily on symbolism that weighed down his work. After 21 rejections, "Lord of the Flies" was finally issued in as his first published book, and it remains his most popular. It portrays a group of proper British schoolboys who, when marooned on a deserted island by a plane crash during a global atomic war, lose their societal inhibitions and regress into blood-curdling tribal savagery. His allegory achieved a cult status.

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The book inspired two films, was translated into 26 languages, sold millions of copies and became a standard on college and high school reading lists. Sir William recalled that as a teacher he once allowed a class of boys complete freedom in a debate, but he had to intervene as mayhem broke out. That incident and his own war experiences inspired "Lord of the Flies.

Anyone who moved through those years without understanding that man produces evil as a bee produces honey, must have been blind or wrong in the head. He confessed that as a youth he was sometimes a spoiled brat and a bully and "I enjoyed hurting people. For a man who once complained of his "inability to write poetry," Sir William made a major contribution to English literature.

Comparing him to Melville, the Nobel citation said: "William Golding's novels and stories are not only somber moralities and dark myths about evil and treacherous, destructive forces. They are also colorful tales of adventure which can be read as such, full of narrative joy, inventiveness and excitement. Author Malcolm Bradbury described Sir Williams as "a dominant figure since the 's" in English letters and said that "Lord of the Flies" was a world classic.

The Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

From beginning to end, Simon goes through the smallest amount of change than anyone in the novel. They believed in water being alive and awake or asleep. He received the Booker Prize in , the Nobel Prize for Literature in , and a knighthood in With all these characters presented to the reader, one can get to see into their minds-eye, which allows the reader to analyze their character. Throughout the story Golding conveys a theme of how obscured and horrible human nature can lead us to be. SparkNotes BookRags william-golding.

I am a story teller. I don't know quite how, but I have that simple faith. Although his succeeding works never matched "Lord of the Flies" in sales, they continued to win close critical attention. It describes a voyage to Australia in the 19th century, showing how a pompous cleric becomes involved in a sexual scandal and dies of shame.

William G. Golding was born on Sept. He grew up in 14th Century house, next to a graveyard, and tried writing a novel at the age of He was educated at Marlborough Grammar School, where his father taught, then studied science and later English at Oxford University's Brasenose College. He graduated in and received a master's degree in After college, he became a settlement house worker and then joined the Royal Navy.